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Festive Opening of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant Hannover after Rebuilding Works

Extensive modernisation successfully completed after two and a half years. Clear commitment to location and employees.

Networking during the festive opening of hot dip galvanizing plant Hannover

The hot dip galvanization plant Hannover has been part of the Seppeler Group since 1993. Located right next to Hannover International Airport and perfectly situated for the A2 and A7 motorways; the plant in Hannover Langenhagen is a firmly established location in the region and beyond when it comes to galvanizing.

With an eye on the plant’s good future, Seppeler has made huge investments and undertaken substantial building alterations. On 21 May 2016, several guests celebrated the completion of the modifications at great length.

Beside the Seppeler management board, representatives of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), as well as of the City of Langenhagen took the opportunity to see the extensive innovations for themselves: logistics, service, infrastructure, environmental protection. In his welcoming speech Kai Seppeler, Managing Director of the Seppeler Group, stated that after the modifications, the galvanizing plant’s technology is not only state-of-the-art but also a forward-looking location of the Seppeler Group regarding customer service and quality of work. 

The major changes included the increase to the hall for raw goods. Also, the trucks had to be unloaded outside the hall and the parts to be galvanized moved by forklift. Now the trucks can be unloaded directly in the hall, saving an operational process and time for both customers and employees.

Furthermore, the baths in the pretreatment area have been encapsulated with a polyethylene inliner so that no vapours will get into the adjacent working areas anymore.

In addition, the construction of more storage space and extension provide possibilities to have more quality and options for trainings and customer meetings.

„The modifications ensure that we now can respond quickly and be more flexible to customer requests – we are well prepared for the future," emphasizes Jürgen Stegen, Division Manager of the galvanizing plant Hannover.





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