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Kategoria: Komunikat grupowy


Customer Magazine Wows Prestigious Jury

Seppeler wins German Design Award 2018

Isabella Hof (3St Kommunikation) and Stefanie Jungewelter (Seppeler Holding) with "Winner" certificate; Resource: Rat für Formgebung. Photo: Lutz Sternstein

With its first-hand insights into the diverse world of the company, the Seppeler Group customer magazine ‘KONTAKTE’ [‘CONTACTS’] was able to win over the jury at the German Design Awards 2018 in the category ‘Excellent Communications Design Editorial’. The official award was presented by the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main on 9 February.

The main arguments of the German Design Awards jury included the modern, enjoyable and low-key design of the magazine which draws the readers’ attention to the contents, as well as the credible articles combined with authentic pictures, which serve to highlight the clarity of its appearance. Stefanie Jungewelter, Marketing Manager for the Seppeler Group, said: “We are thrilled about this award, and that we have managed to achieve it in a field where a connection to design is not always immediately made. It is great to see that we have managed to successfully present the flexibility, diversity and value of our services and products, as well as the personal commitment within the company, authentically and attractively within the magazine”.

The German Design Award has been honouring innovative products and projects which are breaking new ground in the German and international design landscape since 2012. The award is presented by the German Design Council, the German authority in branding and design. The Council was founded in 1953 through an initiative by the German Bundestag [Parliament], in order to support the economy through achieving consistent additional brand value through design. In this regard, the highest requirements are demanded for the selection of prize-winners: through a unique nomination process, only those products and communication design services are invited to participate whose quality of design is demonstrably noteworthy. All prizes are determined during a jury meeting.

The over 40-strong jury, consisting of design experts from the business, teaching, science and design industries, was presented with over 5,000 submissions for the Design Award 2018.


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