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Dr. Klaus Seppeler Foundation: Seppeler Holding’s Corporate Foundation

Building on the family and the Seppeler Group’s foundation tradition, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus Seppeler (1926-2008) initiated the corporate foundation, of the same name, in 2003. The purpose of the foundation lies in the promotion of company-orientated research and development (R & D) with the aim to use the results to improve the company’s production and thus strengthening the future ability of the Seppeler Group and securing jobs. The foundation is a partner of Seppeler Holding und Verwaltungs GmbH & Co. KG and represented in the company’s committees.

Foundation Board: Solicitor Walter Maaß
Foundation Address: Bahnhofstr. 55, D-33397 Rietberg

12.11.2019 – Prize award ceremony for the Dr. KSST Prize