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Trainees Ahoy!

Every year, the Seppeler group invites you to the trainee day, so that old and new, commercial and technical trainees can get to know each other.

This time we went to Schiedersee lake to see the training managers Andrea Helmig, Marion Sampl and Joachim Vennewald and the adventure educationalists at "Schattenspringer" in Bielefeld. The programme started with skipping and exercises in alternating teams, to loosen everyone up. The highlight of the day came after lunch: The Seppeler young employees had to build rafts from boards, ropes and barrels.

Even though not everyone got back to the bank dry, during the practical test on the lake, the conclusion by our young colleagues was positive all round: "We very much enjoyed the day as the new trainees were able to integrate better", state their minutes. The organisation of "Schattenspringer" was also praised: "They made the day exciting and action packed."


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