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Hot-Dip Galvanising Made Understandable

The Rietbergwerke receive guests from members of the Kolpingfamilie in Neuenkirchen

Kolpingfamilie Neuenkirchen visits hot-dip galvanizing bath at Rietbergwerke.

On 16 March 2018, 24 members of the Kolpingfamilie from Neuenkirchen visited the works at Rietberg (Rietbergwerke) in order to gain an insight into the day-to-day business of the resident business. Despite the fact that hot-dip galvanising has a wide range of applications, private individuals know very little about it. This was reason enough for the Seppeler Group headquarters to impart some fundamental knowledge regarding corrosion protection, hot-dip galvanising and DUPLEX coating in an easy-to-understand manner.

The Kolpingfamilie was warmly welcomed by division manager Michael Pauleickhoff. After an explanation of the basic theory, Rainer Austerjost, paint inspector and technical manager of the Rietbergwerke, took over the practical part and took the visitors on a tour of the plants.

The guests were able to discover the peculiarities which make up hot-dip galvanising and coating on-site, from pre-treatment to post-treatment. The highlight of the tour was the dipping of impressively large steel parts in the centrepiece of the plant – the galvanising bath. Here, parts which are up to 10 t in weight and up to 23 m in length can be effectively protected from corrosion – for up to 100 years. Due to the length of the bath, it is not just regional goods which are galvanised in Rietberg, but also other XXL-sized material from throughout the whole of Germany.

Hubert Dreisewerd, who took over the organisation for the visit on the part of the Kolpingfamilie, expressed his thanks for the interesting insight into the daily business of the almost 100 year ‘young’ company. The regular visits to the most diverse of industrial companies from the Kolpingfamilie are always very informative and impressive for those who take part.


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