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Rietberg celebrates 10 years Gartenschaupark

Birthday present: Rietbergwerke galvanise new slide tower

Opening of the slide tower in Rietberg Gartenschaupark (County Garden Show).

In the beautiful sunshine, hundreds of Rietbergers celebrated the 10th birthday of the town's Gartenschaupark (County Garden Show). Many families were present, waiting impatiently on the opening of the slide tower, galvanized by Rietbergwerke, a Seppeler Group company.

Rietbergwerke supported the idea and the implementation of the Garden Show actively from the very beginning. For 10 years now, the Seppeler bridge is familiar to everyone who visits the Garden Show. It was therefore obvious to participate in the idea of a new slide tower in the park's Neuenkirchen section and to galvanise the steel parts as our birthday gift to celebrate the park's 10 years jubilee.

The new, 14-metre slide tower is connected with its "big brother" via a 28.8-metre-long hanging bridge. The Garden Show is thus one attraction richer and will contribute to many thousand visitors from the region and beyond to the approximately 40-hectare recreation park in the district of Gütersloh over the next 10 years.


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