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Industrial powder coating with high-quality, wet-chemical pre-treatment

Helling and Neuhaus GmbH & Co. KG from Gütersloh, part of the international Seppeler Group, presented their new powder coating for the first time at this year's FMB (Supplier Trade Fair for Mechanical Engineering).

In the field of corrosion protection provided by hot dip galvanizing, Helling & Neuhaus has been recognised as a reliable supplier in various sectors from vehicle construction to agricultural engineering, urban furniture, fence construction, steel construction and the locksmith trade for many years.

In the meantime, this wide range of services has been extended since November 2019 by introducing an efficient powder coating with wet-chemical pre-treatment created by trication zinc phosphating and chrome-free passivation.

Components which are made of steel, galvanized steel and aluminium can be coated according to an agreed schedule and to a high quality standard by utilising the pre-treatment for a permanent and highly stressed application purpose. And this process also includes component sizes of up to 7000 mm length x 2300 mm height x 1200 mm width and up to 1000 kg unit weight. Utilising powder coating now enables Helling & Neuhaus to extend the service range for corrosion protection by implementing aesthetic colouring for its customers.

Visitors were able to obtain very detailed information about Helling & Neuhaus and the Seppeler Group at the FMB, and learned a great deal about the range of services offered by the East Westphalian supplier in lively technical discussions.

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