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Seppeler Magazine has impressed in the “Graphic Design” category.

Awarded with a GOOD DESIGN AWARD: the Seppeler das Magazine KONTAKTE.

The Seppeler Group received a huge yet pleasant surprise at the end of the year: KONTAKTE, the magazine for employees, customers and friends, was awarded the GOOD DESIGN Award in the “Graphic Design” category. The Mainz-based design and communication agency, 3st, who was responsible for the design of KONTAKE, nominated the magazine for the award.

The award is given out by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre of Architecture Art Design. Every year outstanding performances worldwide in the design sector are rewarded with the GOOD DESIGN Award.

The publication convinced the jury in the “Graphic design” category and came out on top of the competition. Judges praised the magazine’s new, clear writing style which gave a detailed insight into the world of pot galvanizing at Seppeler. It also gave an identification platform to the around 1,100 employees, bringing the company culture to life.

Following the re-designing of the corporate design, also developed by 3st, KONTAKTE was given a fresh new look. Written in the style of documentaries, the reports were embedded in clear and authentic imagery and interspersed among short articles, whilst portraits and quotes broke up the layout. The magazine lived up to the company slogan “Seppeler - we make it work”, reflecting the Seppeler Group claim that customers can always rely on efficient and consistent service with Seppeler.

“Our new appearance really captures the character of Seppeler. Clear, authentic, valuable. It’s great news that we have been awarded with a GOOD DESIGN AWARD,” says Kai Seppeler, Managing Partner of the Seppeler Group.

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