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New member of the management

Thomas Weise, Stefan Neese and Nina Seppeler – the Management Team of the Seppeler Group

Nina Seppeler appointed to the Management Board of the Seppeler-Rietberg GmbH with effect from 17.02.2020 onwards.

The partners of the Seppeler-Rietberg GmbH and the Supervisory Board of the Seppeler Holding have appointed Nina Seppeler to the Management Board of the Seppeler-Rietberg GmbH with effect from 17 February 2020.

In her new role, Nina Seppeler, together and on an equal footing with the Commercial Director Thomas Weise and the Technical Director Stefan Neese, will take responsibility for the fortunes of the family business.

Within the Seppeler Holding, Nina Seppeler is, in addition, responsible for the Marketing division and she also spearheads Special Projects.

Nina Seppeler has already been working in the company for a good 16 years. After completion of her business studies and a degree course, she gathered experience in the field of IT user support for some years before taking over, first of all, the coordination and management of the Polish plants as Managing Director. Now the next step has followed within the family business - the appointment to the Management Board of the Seppeler-Rietberg GmbH as the representative of the Seppeler family.

Following the move of Kai Seppeler to the Supervisory Board, the shareholder family is now, with Nina Seppeler, once again represented in the Management Board by one of its members. In this way the close links, already enjoyed between the family culture and the corporate one, are strengthened.

As a result of her close connection to the company over many years and, of course, thanks to the wide spectrum of tasks undertaken in the past, Nina Seppeler has already been able to gain a whole range of experience, which she can now today put to very good use in her new management function.

Apart from her long attachment to the company and the treasure trove of diverse business experience at her fingertips, Nina Seppeler will also be enriching the company with her very own philosophy of life:

"Be passionate about what you do and do what you're passionate about. Then you'll succeed!"

This motto has accompanied me for a very long time and it fully reflects all my actions in daily life, both privately and professionally - that's how the entrepreneur's wife puts it in a nutshell.

The Seppeler Group congratulates Nina Seppeler on this appointment and wishes her much success, vision and the ability to continue "burning" with passion for everything she does.