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The Seppeler Group is growing - New build expands our range of products

One of the most modern hot dip galvanizing plants in Europe is being built here on an area of 17,800 m2.

Construction work for the new plant at Feuerverzinkung Genthin GmbH & Co. KG has now begun on the site where the evaporated milk plant once stood in Genthin. With this new build, we are laying the foundations for one of the most modern hot dip galvanizing plants in Europe and significantly expanding the range of products we offer.

With construction scheduled to be completed in early 2022, this highly modern hot dip galvanizing plant with an area of 17,800 m2, 5,800 m2 of which will be covered, will soon be completed. Around 80 employees will use the latest control technology and the optimised plant layout to meet the individual wishes of customers. The current range of products, which includes metal-worked products, drinking water and compressed air tanks, road guidance products and noise barriers, will be significantly expanded by the 13 metre galvanizing bath, which is almost twice as long as the old one.

The company can tackle this further milestone due to the market demand, which has been growing for years, and the steady increase in throughput. Once the new plant starts operating, we will still continue to use the older plant but in another way. Since 1992, the hot dip galvanizing plant in Genthin, the most eastern location in Germany, has been an integral part of the family-run Seppeler Group. Over the past 100 years, the group has become a flexible group of companies with different regional sites. Alongside the container technology, grating manufacturing and coating divisions, hot dip galvanizing is the core business of the group.

As a ISO 9001, 50001 and 14001-certified company, the Seppeler Group, together with Feuerverzinkung Genthin GmbH & Co. KG, meets the highest quality, environmental, energy and safety standards. As such, the new build has been planned and developed according to the latest regulations regarding environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The plant stands out with its efficient and automated processes and the most modern transport technology, such as lifting and lowering stations and bridge and distributor cranes. Equipped with the latest plant technology, the new plant guarantees the highest level of safety at work.

With a width of 1.65 metres and a depth of 3.4 metres, components with a unit weight of up to 4 tons can be processed in the new galvanizing bath, thus enabling a further increase in throughput volume.

Quick facts about the new build:

+ Highly modern hot dip galvanizing on an area of 17,800 m2, 5,800 m2 of which is covered.

+ Galvanizing bath dimensions: 13.0 m x 1.65 m x 3.4 m

+ Raw material throughput of 16 tons per hour

+ Galvanizing maximum weight of 4 tons

+ Large investments for the best possible technology: Plant has automated process flows, an encapsulated pre-treatment, as well as modern, automated transport technology such as lifting/lowering stations, jig conveyors and bridge and distributor cranes

+ Planned and developed in accordance with ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 according to the latest environmental protection and energy efficiency regulations