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Practical Studies in the Seppeler Group

From September 2021, the Seppeler Group, in partnership with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, will be offering an integrated degree programme in “Digital Logistics – Bachelor of Engineering”.

This integrated degree programme is perfect for students who wish to combine practical experience with theoretical learning and who are interested in logistics and digitalisation. They will learn to understand and manage the complex relationships between logistics, IT and information processes.

At the same time, students will gain practical insights into our group, in order to optimise material flows, information processes and transfer paths to customers. The focus here is on the use of the digital technologies which ensure that the right amount of the required materials is available at the desired time and in the desired quality. Controlling complex processes in an international network, paired with services, production and logistics, combining them with the latest digital technologies and using them profitably are the current challenges facing all industries – become part of the team taking on this challenge and join our group.

You can find more information about the programme and who to contact if you're interested here and under the Jobs & Careers section on our website.

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