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The Seppeler group is expanding

New site in Poland near Wrocław

Kai Seppeler, Nina Seppeler, Grzegorz Kowalik und Jacek Chalusiak in Świdnica.

Since the start of July 2017, the Seppeler group has expanded to another site: it has taken over the company Antikor in Świdnica near Wrocław in Poland. The group has thus further developed its market leadership in Poland and broadened its product range with a high-temperature plant.

The Seppeler group has been active in Poland for more than 15 years, on three sites until now. In Chrzanów, the focus lies on galvanizing long components, the highlight in Kluczbork is the widest zinc bath in Europe for sophisticated parts up to 2.80 m wide, and in Częstochowa typical steel construction and production parts up to 13 m long can be galvanized and therefore safely protected against corrosion. A famous example is the gigantic sarcophagus dome in Chernobyl, the parts of which were galvanized in the sites of the Seppeler group.

The galvanizing plant in Świdnica is an ideal addition the range and network of the Seppeler group. The plant has a batch galvanizing plant with the working dimensions 5m x 1.3m x 2.7m, as well as a high-temperature plant with the dimensions 3m x 1m x 1m for centrifuged goods and batch galvanizing at 605°C. Metal hardware, scaffolding parts, pull rods as well as elements for vehicle chassis are for instance protected here against corrosion.

44 employees are currently working in Świdnica. All the employees have been taken on.
Kai Seppeler, managing partner of the Seppeler group, is pleased about the expansion of operations in Poland: “Here we guarantee the high quality which the Seppeler group is known for.” Seppeler is planning a timely development of the site such as a new filter system and a modernization of the plant in order to improve working conditions for the employees and make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection.




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