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Fire brigade make sure everything is in order in Osnabrück

Visit from the Westerkappeln Voluntary Fire Brigade

 "To honour God and protect your neighbor." - this is the saying of the voluntary fire fighters. In this case, the “neighbour” was the Osnabrück hot dip galvanising plant. On 5 November 2018, our colleagues received a visit from the Westerkappeln and Westerkappeln-Velpe voluntary fire brigade.

As a preventative measure, as it were. The site visit served as an orientation exercise for emergencies so that they can save precious minutes. The volunteer force did not just familiarise themselves with the walkways, but also the technical safety features on site.

Division Manager Klaus Großegesse and colleagues Michael Kaupenjohann and Pascal Monkenbusch did not miss an opportunity to give the visitors a deeper insight into the galvanising process. From goods-in, to pre-treatment, to galvanising, the whole process was followed with great interest.

We just have to hope that their special visit never becomes an emergency call.


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