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A blaze of colour with powder coating. We celebrate colour in its strongest form. With the Seppeler powder coating, the trend towards individualised painting can be implemented easily and, thanks to the solvent-free process, even in an environmentally friendly manner. The powder coating takes place with plastic particles on the basis of polyester resin or epoxy resin by means of electrostatic charging. At a temperature of approximately 180 °C, the powder is subsequently burned in and becomes a coat of paint. The powder coating is suitable both for steel and zinc-coated steel and for aluminium and stainless steel.

Due to the good UV resistance and high colour shade stability, the Seppeler powder coating protects your workpiece against weather influences in the long term. Thanks to the high mechanical loading capacity of the surface, it is also impact, scratch and abrasion-resistant. Standards such as transport services and just-in-time delivery round off the service perfectly.

Powder coating from Seppeler with special strengths

  • Chromate-free multi-zone pre-treatment with nano technology and no-rinse procedure for coating a wide variety of materials
  • Corrosivity category up to C5-I/M possible
  • Hand cabin for fast colour change and individual products
  • Special solutions such as anti-graffiti surface available

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