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Wet coating

Wet coating with quality guarantee. With more than 30 years' experience, Seppeler is the right contact for high-quality wet coating. Not for no reason are we Germany's first liquid paint coater to be awarded the Qualisteelcoat licence.

Whether raw materials or materials that have already been zinc-coated, our wet coating is the right choice on both small and large surfaces. Your component receives special protection when it is first hot dip galvanized and then coated in a duplex procedure – you thus receive additional protection for heavily used parts.

The Seppeler wet coating offers individualised colour design opportunities and combines them with excellent protection for the material.

Wet coating from the pro

  • Wet coater with Qualisteelcoat licence
  • Certification according to DIN EN 1090
  • Protection for steel parts in the industrial sphere as well as the coastal and offshore sphere
  • Spray process orders
  • Special solutions such as fire-proof coating available

The advantages at a glance

  • Application on steel and galvanized steel
  • Application on surfaces of any size
  • Duplex system with hot dip galvanizing and wet coating on request
  • All shades of the RAL colour range possible
  • Corrosivity category C5

Fireproof coating

Innovative fire protection systems can save lives. Because in the case of fire, steel constructions lose their static characteristics already from 500°C, according to the fire load. The fire protection system that we use – Sika® Unitherm® Platinum – promises increased safety and stability in the case of a fire. The 2 component coating with an expoxy resin base combines the best building physics characteristics with the highest level of economic viability. For optimally protected components in the inside and outside area.

The advantages at a glance

  • Innovative
    • Low installation damage due to very hard surface after short coating and hardening time
    • Excellent corrosion protection up to C5-I

  • Safe
    • Application during manufacture under controlled, climatic conditions
    • Fire resistance duration of beams and supports up to R60 in accordance with DIN EN 13381

  • Ecological
    • Solvent-free
    • Low VOC-content < 100 g/l

  • Economical
    • Layer thicknesses up to 4 mm in one work process
    • Fast, calculable delivery times thanks to hardening in one day

You can find further information and the right contact person here:
Flyer "Fireproof coating"

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