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Bomech and Seppeler make it work

Bomech praises collaboration with Helling & Neuhaus hot dip galvanizing

Bomech B.V. has hot-dip galvanized products at Helling & Neuhaus.

Bomech B.V., a Dutch manufacturer of trailing shoe systems, has been working successfully with Helling & Neuhaus in Gütersloh since 2013. Bomech has been expanding its exports of liquid manure spreaders since 2000 and now, as well as supplying countries across Europe, also delivers to the USA, Canada and New Zealand. To do so, the company has repeatedly relied on the support of Helling & Neuhaus and this has now been caught on film.

The production film shows how products from Bomech are made and then hot-dip galvanized by Helling & Neuhaus.

“We have worked together perfectly. Helling & Neuhaus always worked reliably and on time. And that is important for our plans as a 100% delivery reliability plays a huge role for us”, says Ruud van Es, responsible for Purchasing and Logistics. The quality and execution of the additional work and installation work was also perfect, he explained.

The successful collaboration was also down to the Seppeler company attitude of always keeping the customer in mind. “The needs of the customer are always at the centre for us”, says Frank Sommer, Division Manager for Feuerverzinkung Helling & Neuhaus. Frank looks forwards to further successful co-production with Bomech.

Would you like to find out more? You can watch the production film from Bomech here. Perhaps you will be able to spot a few “actors” from Helling & Neuhaus at work: