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Punctual. Fast. Flexible. Our logistics. We know that time is money. Therefore, we offer you not just punctual galvanization, but also logistics to the point. Accurate and without compromise. For you, that means 24-hour service and the execution of the entire order in one day. Moreover, we support you with our consultancy, planning and on-site delivery. You can rely on Seppeler's logistics!

The Seppeler logistics plus:

  • 24-hour service: The execution of your entire order in one day. Fast and flexible.
  • Regular rounds: Punctual collection and delivery, even of large components. Right to your building site.
  • Swap bodies and trailers: Time-independent thanks to swap body system. We provide swap bodies, semi-trailers and transport frames. You load them when it suits you.
  • Building site delivery: Our delivery right to your building site. Or to your end customers. Nationally and internationally!
  • Storage and order picking: Do you have too little space? Then we can store your goods, keeping inventory and material lists, order picking and packaging.