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DASt-Directive 022

Calculation of Confidence Classification According to DASt-Directive 022

The DASt-Directive 022 has been mandatory since December 2009. It governs all aspects of planning, construction, fabrication and galvanizing of structural steel components, designed and manufactured according to standards DIN 18800 or DIN EN 1993 and DIN 18800-7 or DIN EN 1090-2.

The DASt-Directive in practice means the following for steel and metal construction companies:
Most of the hot dip galvanized steel parts can be allocated to a simplified assessment method. To do so, the components have to be specified into one of the three confidence zones, when already in the planning phase, using the material parameters and construction details as a basis. The steel construction company has to note this specification in his order to the hot dip galvanizer. The galvanizer on their part, is committed to galvanize the order according to the DASt- Directive. It goes without saying, that each of the Seppeler galvanizing plants completely fulfill all DASt-Directive 022 requirements, starting from the composition of the zinc baths, all the way to the factory data collection and magnetic particle testing, and have been awarded the ÜZ-Sign (Certificate of Conformity). We have developed a program which enables our customers, during the planning phase, to classify the confidence zone within just a few mouse clicks.

Is your structural component subject to the DASt-Directive 022?

The DASt-Directive 022 is to be applied when:

  • components are affected by structural regulations (construction regulation list).
  • components are load bearing structures and are calculated according to standards DIN EN 1993 and manufactured according to either standards DIN 18800-7 or EN 1090-2.
  • components are of steel grades S235 (St37), S275, S355, S420, S450 and S460 according to standard DIN EN 10025.


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