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Your demands on our surfaces are as individual as the solutions that we offer you. Whether a metalworking shop, steelworkers or series manufacturers, our specialist personnel advises everyone on corrosion protection issues and appropriate construction for galvanizing, according to their needs.

Metal workers

The range of products in metal working shops and metal constructions operations is huge. From filigree individual parts and art works to hulking spiral staircases. At our regional sites our long-standing contact persons are happy to help you personally, and offer you individual solutions as required:

  • Quick-time galvanization with 24 hour service for your time advantage
  • Regular tour service for a flawless process
  • Passivation with Zinklar prevents white rust and ensures a more shiny look
  • Colour coating for the realisation of aesthetic ideas
  • Through the Seppeler network, even wide constructions such as spiral or spindle staircases can be galvanized.

Steel constructors

In steel construction the infrastructure is of fundamental importance. So, our systems are optimally set up for the highest requirements that arise through large and heavy steel constructions.

  • Due to the Seppeler network we can galvanize steel constructions up to 23m long.
  • Perfect fit logistics: just-in-time for every work phase of your project
  • Galvanizing and wet coating in the duplex system
  • Special coating solutions like fireproof coating in F30 and F60
  • Tested quality in accordance with DASt 022

Tested and certified:

  • Standardised hot dip galvanizing in accordance with DIN ISO 1461
  • Certified process safety in accordance with DIN EN 1090
  • Quality seal "Qualisteelcoat" of the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Industriebeschichtung e.V. for high quality wet coating

Series manufacturer

Our group not only offers solutions for corrosion protection, but also a business management benefit. If required we also take on the further processing of your series parts to increase efficiency and productivity.

  • Increased efficiency: from thread cutting to finishing the drilling right up to installation
  • Increased productivity: Your one-stop shop for completion without further follow up work by the customer
  • Business management benefits: Space cost saving by taking on outsourcing and staff cost saving by taking on processing and warehouse management possible