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Whether in Tokyo, Prague or Las Vegas: There are many reproductions of the Eiffel Tower of Paris. Recently, a new Eiffel Tower was created in Polish Głuchów – and this one requires significantly less work than the original.

Have you ever been to Paris? I’m prepared to bet: You also went to the Eiffel Tower, didn’t you? If you find yourself in the “City of Love”, you're definitely not going to avoid the 129-year-old “Iron Lady”, as the tower is lovingly referred to. The French symbol is a masterpiece of engineering and has always incited reproductions, just like in Głuchów in Poland. Just three metres high, this example has a crucial advantage over the original: It has been galvanized.

Every seven years, around 25 painters have to clean pigeon mess and repaint the 250,000 square metres of steel making up the Paris original. This takes a year and a half. Costs: around 4 million euros. The Polish tower does not need this sort of maintenance work.
Galvanization will protect it from corrosion for around 100 years. Corrosion can be caused by pigeon droppings, for example.

However, the galvanization process was a challenge: “We had to be careful not to allow the delicate structure to warp in the 450 degree Celsius zinc bath”, explains Krzysztof Demendecki, Business Area Manager of the Częstochowa site. “Thanks to intuition and experience, everything worked out well.” Optimised pre-treatment and the speed of the dipping process even allow the colleagues to cope with such structures.

The Eiffel Tower in Głuchów was built by the company Agrojanex for its company premises. As well as steel structures, the company produces machines for agriculture, landscaping and forestry. You could say that building the reproduction of Paris’ symbol is not part of their core business – but it was an interesting project all the same.



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