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The construction of a huge shopping mall in a city centre is a great challenge for all parties involved. Between narrow streets and a tight schedule, Seppeler supports Rheiner Stahlbau GmbH.

Not long now until the big day is here. Towards the end of September, the Emsgalerie shopping mall in Rheine in the Münsterland region of Germany will open its doors for the first time. The mall is located directly in the city centre, on the Ems-Promenade. A first-class location! Usually. However, during the construction phase, the narrow access routes and the natural delimitation by the river are a real challenge.

The Emsgalerie is a joint project of RSB Rheiner Stahlbau GmbH and its parent company MBN Bau AG. RSB has specialised in large-scale steel structures which are even larger than the Emsgalerie, hangars for instance. Until the handover of the keys, RSB delivers everything from one source: Workshop planning, production, assembly, project management. This is perfect for the shopping mall.

The quicker the better
A construction site in the city centre, in particular of this size, always makes the logistics more complicated. "Therefore: The quicker the better!" Heiko Böß, project manager at RSB, explained. With a shopping mall with an area of 14,000 square metres on four stories, there is a lot of work to do: from the parking deck to the canopy of the main entrance up to the connection bridge – all of this (and much more) is made of steel structures. The free floating glass roof of the centre also rests on steel supports. Nevertheless, the building shells could be completed within seven months only. RSB managed to achieve this thanks to Seppeler.

The perfect partner
In this case, the Rietberg experts were right on the spot. They are also happy to take care of everything. Therefore, they picked up the constructions produced at RSB in regular intervals and stored them on their own premises until the date of the delivery to the construction site arrived. Then, the components which were needed at the respective point in time were galvanized. "Being able to use the Rietberg plants as intermediate storage was ideal for us and ensured a fast turnover", Mr Böß confirmed.

After the galvanization, the Seppeler truck transported the components to Rheine. "Every time they were right on schedule!" Mr Böß emphasized. "This is the most important thing for construction sites which only have one point of access and departure. Everything is accurately timed." 

Facts & Figures

The steel structure of Emsgalerie
was completely manufactured by RSB and a large part of it was galvanized in the Rietberg plants.

For the overall steel structure of the Emsgalerie shopping mall, 650 TONS of steel were galvanized in the Rietberg plants. This included, among others, extra long steel supports for the parking levels. This was not a problem at all for the Rietberg plants, which are able to process lengths of up to 23 metres without any problems.

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