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Whether pure sand or a mixture of fleece, clay and wood chips – the ground plays a crucial role in riding sports. Sometimes it has to be loosened, sometimes smoothed and always well maintained. And this is what our customer specialises in: LS-Lingemann Systemgeräte knows how riding ground maintenance goes.

Goodbye rake!
Most of the almost 3.9 million horse-riders in Germany are women and girls. But there are exceptions, like Wilhelm Lingemann. Ten years ago as a hobby rider, he discovered a niche in the market. He applied his technical knowledge from metal processing to his hobby – and in quite a clever way. Today, LS-Lingemann Systemgeräte offers a wide range of products for loosening and smoothing different riding ground surfaces. Each type of equestrian sport – from dressage to Western riding – requires the right ground, the so-called “tread layer”. Sometimes, this has to be soft and flexible, sometimes as anti-slip as possible. There are only two types of surface which are dangerous for horses and riders: concrete-hard and butter-soft. It isn’t always clear to amateurs: A riding surface is placed under significant stress, it becomes contaminated and breaks up – through the riding itself, but also, for example, when the horse passes water. If this is a sand mixture with fleece, the ground must always be deflocculated and loosened. A floor care appliance de-clumps the fleece shavings and redistributes them evenly – this cannot be done with rakes and rods.   

Safety is everything
The floor care products allow you to conserve the quality of your riding ground over many years. “We specialise in all types of riding ground”, explains Karin Jaeger (employee at LS-Lingemann). “Every customer can find an appliance here that suits them – the little riding club yard as well as the large tournament provider or private horse breeder.”

Part of professional riding ground care is also about avoiding hazards. “When a prong breaks during ploughing, a horse can hurt itself”, says Jaeger. “And try finding that little prong on the whole course. The worst case scenario is that you have to comb through the whole area.” This is why LS-Lingemann Systemgeräte has further developed the process and is now using special prongs. These are hard on the bottom and buoyant on the top. This means that all unevenness is processed in an optimal manner. Corrosion protection in the colour of your choice to further improve the quality, the company also uses the services of the Lennestadt galvanizing plant.
Thanks to the galvanizing process, the product parts have a longer life and are protected from corrosion – an important factor, because floor-care appliances are subjected to wind and weather almost every day on the riding grounds.

If you want to increase your protection period even more, the duplex process is the choice for you. Here, products are not just galvanized, but also powder-coated. Many customers choose this special process because they can also choose an individual look at the same time. “In this way, we offer each client added value which is personal to them. It doesn't matter which colour they want, we can create it precisely according to their needs”, explains Robert Schael, Head of Sales at the galvanizing plant. And in this way, the Lennestadt galvanizers also coat the floor-care appliances in bright blue or lemon yellow.

Quality is “in”
“The cooperation with Lennestadt galvanizing plant has great advantages for us: We value the flexible contract design, the close proximity and the astonishing speed”, explains Jaeger. 
“Sometimes, a part from today has to be galvanized and coated by tomorrow. And this then actually works – and at the highest level!” 

The company LS-Lingemann Systemgeräte is far ahead of many providers with their floor-care products. While other providers offer this area often only on the side, the Sauerland manufacturer is a specialist. There is not just demand in the European market – orders have also come from Dubai and New Zealand. “If you're looking for quality, you look in Germany. Even in this industry”, says Jaeger. Loosening up is simply a clever idea in many parts of the world.

The riding ground planner with 2.2 metres working width with grating drum.

3 questions
If you would like to add an appliance to look after your riding grounds, you should know the answers to three elementary questions: 1. What size is the surface to be worked on? 2. What type of ground is it? 3. Which towing vehicle is used? 

1.1 m to 6 m
The working width is often crucial when it comes to choosing the right appliance. With floor-care, each riding ground finds the right measurement: The working width starts at just 1.1 metre. For larger areas, there is a whole 6 metres.

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