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An aesthetic masterpiece

With industrial-style interior design, the "Werkstatt" restaurant in Engelskirchen is a unique location for "grill, drinks & chill" in the region. The steel interior was provided by Metallbaubetrieb Titze, while the corrosion protection was delivered by our galvanization plant in Lennestadt.

Modern design meets industry
The room is vast, almost like a hall. It has high ceilings and large windows. In the dimmed light of dark-grey hanging lamps, the massive counter with the bulky bar stools catches the eye. Above, a huge chandelier, consisting of five squares welded together, provides an atmosphere with ever changing colours to the bar and its guests. An old machine is standing on the gallery. The nostalgic jukebox plays hits from the 70s. In the "Werkstatt" restaurant in the "Hammerwerk" building in Engelskirchen, you can eat and drink in the finest industrial atmosphere. Tables, chairs, the counter, bar stools, the chandelier, ashtrays and the break baskets – everything is made of steel.

Made of steel
This charming mix of steel and metal materials, supplemented by wood and leather, makes the restaurant near the city of Bergisch-Gladbach a unique regional meeting point for culture and events. Here, the guests of the owner Jan Geisler dine and drink in a former industrial building, which also includes an old blacksmith's shop. Therefore, Mr Geisler chose to stick with the original material in the interior design. Which is steel. The regional metalworking company Metallbaubetrieb Titze implemented his ideas. In doing so, the company did not only prove their remarkable sense for aesthetic design and special details, such as the pepper and salt shakers in menages made of huge steel nuts. Furthermore, with Verzinkerei Lennestadt, the metalworking company chose an expert partner in the area of corrosion protection. Both parties have been working together in different projects for quite a while now.

Long-lasting protection
Our colleagues in Lennestadt treated the precious metal products in the "Hammerwerk" individually, depending on their purpose of use. For instance, the fence of the outdoor area was treated with the proven and long-lasting corrosion protection by means of hot-dip galvanization. This procedure will protect it against rust for more than 80 years. With the Zinklar finish, which is provided to every metal customer of Verzinkerei Lennestadt, the surface will maintain its glossy appearance for a long time. By contrast, in the indoor area of the Engelskirchen restaurant, the raw material used there was supposed to stay as raw as possible. Therefore, chairs and tables were treated with a clear paint coating, which is very robust and applied in a powder coating process. The result: The chairs provide long-term resistance, while a unique charm is maintained at the same time. What would be more fitting for this extraordinary industrial atmosphere in the "Werkstatt" restaurant in the "Hammerwerk"?

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Industrial design with charm
In the region, the "Werkstatt" restaurant in the "Hammerwerk" building is a special place to meet.

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