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Reproduction, galvanizing, coating: the chronology shows the production of the model of a flying machine designed by Otto Lilienthal. It wasn't exactly an everyday job for our colleagues in Genthin!

After Otto Lilienthal flew his first 15 metres in Derwitz in 1891, he relocated his activities to Stölln in 1893. There, he quickly achieved flights of up to 250 metres due to the superior wind conditions. Rhinow/Stölln is one of five locations for the 2015 German Federal Garden Show in the Havel region – it is for this major event that the flying machine no. 11, the model "Stölln", was to be rebuilt, galvanized and powder coated.

The client was the local Lilienthal Association. Metal working expert Sven Degebrodt attended to the reproduction: span width 6.70 metres, wing panel 14 square metres. The original was covered with waxed shirting, a thick form of cotton. The frame consisted of willow wood, braced with wire. Degebrodt, in contrast, used 2 millimetre thick metal plate, flat iron, round tubing, round steel and a cross brace.

The challenge during the galvanizing: the different material thicknesses increase the risk of distortion, because all forms of steel respond differently in the 450 degree heat of the zinc bath. The different speed of warming and cooling also leads to a risk of crack formation. Depending on the composition, a thicker or thinner zinc-iron alloy forms.

The galvanizing provides protection for 50 years and more. Our colleagues in Genthin, however, applied a duplex coating, with a galvanized layer and layer of coating, to further extend the corrosion protection. The black steel now has a coating of zinc, and on top of that, a powder coating, with a coating thickness of 160 micrometres. In order to best imitate the natural products of willow and cotton, the colour RAL 1015, light ivory, was used.

Anyone who happens to be in the Havel region can take a look at the model aircraft: It is on show in a roundabout at the junction of the B102 and the L17 towards Rhinow / Stölln.

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