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Galvanized and coated horse boxes in Qatar

It is said that victories are achieved in the stable. This seems to be a familiar idea in far-away Qatar as well, as as it was here that the outstanding quality was decisive in the construction of the new equestrian sport facility as a breeding station.

The facility consists of 600 horse boxes and 560 windows. “It is the biggest single order that Röwer & Rüb has ever built and assembled,” says managing director Elfert Rüb. The boxes were produced in Thedinghausen near Verden, while transportation and the hot dip galvanizing were carried out mainly by Feuerverzinkung Hannover, supported by Gütersloh-based Helling & Neuhaus.

After processing, the hot dip galvanized parts were sent back to Thedinghausen, where the employees of Röwer & Rüb ground the zinc surface, before the horse stable constructions were then powder-coated. Due to the very tight customer delivery deadline, Helling & Neuhaus helped out with surface grinding for the doors and front guards, since these parts could also be galvanized and professionally ground in Gütersloh.

[Translate to Englisch:] Qualitätsanforderungen der Bauherren glänzend erfüllt!

After the last processing step, the powder stove-enamel, the boxes were packed into 30 containers for carriage overseas and shipped from Bremen to Doha. After approximately four weeks of transportation on sea, the horseboxes finally arrived in Doha, were unloaded from the ship and were brought by lorry to the designated site designated based 60km west of the city of Doha. There, the technicians of Röwer & Rüb are currently assembling the last few boxes in expert fashion. The assembly work is to be completed by the end of October 2013.

“All involved, especially the fast hot dip galvanizers from Hanover and Gütersloh, fulfilled the extremely high quality requirements of the clients in the Middle East in brilliant fashion. Therefore, further orders from the Gulf region can be anticipated,” says Elfert Rüb, satisfied and optimistic. However, that would be a new story.

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