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Hangar with wing profile

Since mid-2011, Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport has been enriched by a new eye-catcher: the Quax Hangar. The three-storey building with a total surface area of 1,800 square metres is similar in form to the profile of an aeroplane wing and offers the airport real added value with adventure character.

The ground floor of the hangar is home to a central winter hall for 15 aeroplanes and the transparent workshop of Quax-Verein zur Förderung von historischem Fluggerät e.V. In the workshop, the said association’s restorers and technicians can perform maintenance on up to four aeroplanes at the same time.

The first floor houses a modern conference room and the catering outlet “Triebwerk”, which is set up in the style of a plane; The second floor houses a spacious viewing terrace, from which the aeroplanes taking off from and landing at the airport can be observed up close. The cradles that border the building are formative elements of the architecturally impressive hangar.

These and further steel structures, 33 tonnes in total, were hot dip galvanized and then coated in black-grey at Rietbergwerke.

With a zinc bath of 17.50 metres in length and a correspondingly sized coating hall, the Rietbergwerke plants were the ideal partner for executing the corrosion protection work. The Rietberg galvanizers also assumed the transportation of the building components, the collection of the raw materials from Verl-based steel constructions firm Hartkämper and the just-in-time delivery of the galvanized and coated building components on the construction site at Paderborn Airport.

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