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The Sauerland at your feet: At a height of 78 metres, the Skywalk Möhnetal offers spectacular views of a varied landscape. To make sure that it stays that way for a long time, our colleagues from Rietberg galvanized the steel construction and thus protected it from corrosion for almost 100 years.

It all began with a crazy idea. A few people from the Sauerland region who love their homeland founded "Allagen-Niederbergheim," the citizens' initiative to give people a reason to visit the village they so love. It took them and project manager Uli Cordes five years to make their plans come true. But first things first ...
"We have a steep slope here that drops almost 80 metres into the valley," says planner and site manager Ferdi Kühle. But the vegetation along the path on the valley side obstructed the view and made it practically impossible to see the valley. The idea: why not build a skywalk here as a "tree gate," which would allow a unique panoramic view?

30 metres for strolling
Several versions were planned for the skywalk. Kühle's approach for this was based on a very large protrusion. His model incorporated both aesthetic and functional aspects, resulting in a design with a total area of around 38 square metres which projects 30 metres into the valley. "The slight incline of only six percent means that wheelchair users can also use the Skywalk," explains Kühle. The railings with handrail are designed to be safe at 1.30 metres high. The anti-slip gratings' slats are just 10 millimetres apart, so even those daunted by the height can feel safe venturing onto the skywalk.
"We worked closely together with companies from the region, who, for example, carried out the complex steel and metal construction work," explains Kühle. One of these companies was our client: Eickhoff Stahl-Metallbau. "When it came to the galvanizing the steel constructional elements, we found a professional and very reliable partner in Seppeler," the civil engineer praises the cooperation.

85 µm
that is how thick the protective layer of zinc is with which our colleagues from Rietbergwerke coated the Skywalk Möhnetal.

Rietberg galvanizes elements of up to 23 metres in length
The skywalk was galvanized in four parts and assembled on site. The size of the steel structure would be tricky for some galvanization plants, as the longest component measures 16.70 metres.No problem for our colleagues in Rietberg: the galvanizing bath can hold pieces of up to 23 metres long and 4.80 metres high, as well as 10 tonnes in weight.

The Skywalk was opened in November 2019 and is incredibly popular. One of the reasons why many visitors will still be able to enjoy the panoramic view decades from now is not least due to the sustainable corrosion protection. Impressive prospects – in both respects.


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