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Indestructible like a Pyramid

Why is a German expert for agriculture building grain silos for Egypt? The answer is simple: The price-performance ratio is more than competitive on an international level – and Seppeler also contributes to this.

Egypt: Pyramids, pharaohs, camels – who thinks about agriculture when it comes to the desert state? This is not surprising since only the fertile areas on the Nile as well as a few oases are usable and inhabitable by people, which is about 4 percent of the country's total territory. Obviously, this is not enough to supply a country with 87 million inhabitants.

Among others, there is a lack of wheat. For Egypt as well as the entire North-African arid belt, the import of grain is crucial. Therefore, the state imports three times the amount of grain they need. The location on the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal and Nile is ideal for distributing purchased grain over the entire continent of Africa. For this reason, Egypt is also referred to as the "North-African breadbasket".

Logistical challenges
The import and storage of such huge quantities of grain represent immense logistical challenges for the country. The grain is delivered to the Mediterranean ports where the ships are unloaded as soon as possible in order to avoid long and cost-intensive demurrage. A ship load amounts to approx. 60,000 tons of grain – 60,000 tons which must be transported into silos within short periods of time. For this purpose, not only the corresponding storage capacities are required but also a powerful conveyor technology. Therefore, in 2014, the Egyptian government decided to have a new silo plant constructed for Ameriya and to expand the existing silo plant in Damietta. The requirements to both plants are obvious: they need to be both fast and robust – indestructible like a pyramid!

No problem for Neuero Farm- und Fördertechnik, who were awarded the contract. The specialist for agriculture and agricultural trade is looking back on a company history of more than 100 years and has vast experience. "We can do anything with grain which is necessary in agriculture", Harald Kuhlmann, technical manager, who is also part of the team of the Egypt project at Neuero, explains. And he does not exaggerate. Neuero covers the entire value chain: Apart from silos and conveyor belts, for instance, devices for cleaning, sorting or drying grain are part of the portfolio. A true all-rounder!

For the robust corrosion protection which is required due to the salty and humid ocean climate in Ameryia and Damietta, Neuero needs support though. This is where Seppeler gets involved. "Three hot dip galvanization plants of Seppeler group - Holdorf, Bremen and Osnabrück - work on this large-scale order", Frank Deneke said proudly. Located in Holdorf, the division manager coordinates the large-scale order. "I just enjoy it when we activate our network and everything falls into place."

"We can do anything with grain which is necessary in agriculture. We cannot galvanize though. But that is why we work together with Seppeler!"

Great requirements
This is also confirmed by Mr Kuhlmann: "The galvanization plants work like we are used to: quickly, reliably and with high quality." In particular, the steel frames for conveyor technology as well as the conveyor technology itself are treated. Furthermore, the silos are carried by supports which require a particularly robust weather protection. Accurate immersion times and a careful pre-treatment deliver the desired result: Once galvanized, the components have a long lifetime – with a good price-performance ratio. "This degree of diligence is typical for Seppeler and also a must for us!" Mr Kuhlmann, who has worked together with Holdorf before, added.

The Egyptian government also has great demands. Before the silos and conveyor units are shipped from Hamburg to Ameriya in individual components, a delegation controls the layer thickness – and has always been very satisfied with it.

Facts & Figures

The Neuero conveyor technology must transport the grain over a height of 35 METRE in order to fill the silos. The belt is supported by a steel frame, which has been galvanized by Seppeler. The longest part was about 10 metres long and had an individual weight of almost 2 tons.

Ideal storage
In order to be able to unload the silos again easily, they are mounted on concrete funnels with a height of 10 metres. A Neuero conveyor belt is installed below these funnels.

Dry land

The country on the Nile only has a few fertile regions; 96 percent of the area are inhabitable and cannot be cultivated – therefore, there is a lack of grain.


Neuero Farm- und Fördertechnik
Neuero Farm- und Fördertechnik GmbH is an expert in agriculture and agricultural trade. In grain processing, the company covers the entire value chain: acceptance, cleaning, sorting, drying, storage and treatment. Apart from the broad product range, the 100 years of company history verify a particularly vast expertise which makes Neuero an ideal partner for customer-specific solutions – including for the use in particularly demanding locations.

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