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It's a real eye-catcher: Osnabrück hot dip galvanizing has galvanized the biggest transportable Christmas tree in the world. The extra-extra-large item, originally built for Bristol, should soon encourage contemplation in its German home.

When the Christmas market stalls are open, the aroma of gingerbread drifts through the streets, and Christmas trees brighten the winter nights, the eyes of many people start to light up. In Bremen, the eyes of visitors to the market should especially light up, because there's something big going on.

The tree that Harry Wegener from Stuhr wants to set up in the Hanseatic City is 40 metres high, decorated with two million LED lights, the frame made of 60 tons of the purest steel, fitted with two accessible floors with counter service. The world's biggest transportable Christmas tree has travelled a long way: In 2015, Wegener won the tender for the Bristol Christmas market and realised his XXL project with Heinrich Rohlfing GmbH from Stemwede-Niedermehnen. As he didn't get the chance in 2017, he brought the tree back home with him.

Two floors of the 40 metre-high tree are accessible and can be used for counter Service.

Boiler for special cases

To prevent the masterpiece getting affected by snow and rain, Rohlfing had the steel frame hot dip galvanized - by our colleagues in Osnabrück. The company has been galvanizing in Osnabrück since the 70s. A crucial factor was also the measurements of the new boiler, because not everyone can galvanize 2.50 metre-deep parts - Osnabrück can, with zinc bath working dimensions of 3.50 metres. Rohlfing's greatest challenge was, incidentally, making the giant tree capable of disassembly and easy to handle, to avoid expensive special transport. For this reason, the 35 metre-high frame was finished in six pieces. The rotating star on the top is operated electronically and on its own measures five metres.

Inside the massive tree. The iron-zinc alloy created by hot dip galvanizing protects the steel frame from corrosion for up to 100 years.

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