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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "jetty"? A path made of wooden planks leading into the water? From the point of view of Orka, the dock system builder, that's not wrong at all – but maybe a bit too traditional.

"If you can imagine it, we can build it" – that's the motto of our client Orka Steganlagen, and many a client does not need to be told this twice. To give a few examples: Orka has designed a swimming island in Görlitz as a giant doughnut, or they created the "Donauwurm" (Danube worm) in a playground in Ingolstadt, which meanders through the sand and water and is a great attraction for water lovers. In Switzerland, a complex has been turned into an entire Kneipp island, and Orka has also built a dock system with a steel iceberg – including a sun sail, club table and lounger net.

A marina on Wannsee.

Dock systems are tailor-made
"We serve every customer who values quality and individuality," says Jasmin Lindner of Orka. "Our systems are tailor-made, adapted to the environment and always an eye-catcher." According to the managing director, the company’s very own in-house production only uses the highest quality building materials, all of which are sourced from Germany. Orka sets high standards, especially for surface treatment, after all, customers usually step onto the systems barefoot.

The company from Brandenburg an der Havel has been working together with our colleagues from the Genthin hot dip galvanizing plant for five years now and, in addition to their reliability and solution-oriented approach, they particularly appreciate the quality of their work. "We galvanize the tubes and dockside elements with accessories for Orka," says Dirk Meißner, who is responsible for field service, consulting and sales in Genthin. "Steel is ideal for products that are exposed to the weather. If these are additionally protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing, this increases the product's lifespan by many decades and makes a contribution to environmental protection."

Processes are continuously optimised
In 2019 alone, Seppeler galvanized 112 tonnes of steel for Orka. And if need be, it can be done extremely quickly: Genthin is capable of galvanizing a total weight of up to ten tonnes within 24 hours. Express blitz-galvanizing is also possible for metal hardware delivered between 6.30 a.m. and 12 noon (10 a.m. on Fridays) and the goods can be collected the same day from 5 p.m. (4 p.m. on Fridays). Important: The processes are constantly being rethought and improved: "Together with Orka, we have worked out an attachment specification for the dockside elements to achieve the best galvanizing results," explains Meißner. This has enabled us to minimise blemishes caused by the attachment contact and the flow, or to move these to the non-visible area.

One joint project in particular has remained in Lindner's memory – not because of its appearance, but because of its size: The Marina Zehdenick. The new harbour facility on the Prerauer Stich has more than 150 berths, winter storage in a covered hall, a marina filling station, catering facilities and much more. "This was a very extensive job," says Lindner. "The marina alone has around 1,000 metres of steel structures."
By the way: The systems are firmly connected to the bottom of the lake and can be designed very narrowly. According to Lindner, widths of 1 to 6 metres and a load-bearing capacity of up to 500 kilos per square metre are no problem – even a steel iceberg does not cause any problems.

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