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The automobile sector is opening up new growth markets in Africa. A large tank system on the Gulf coast of Tunisia has now been equipped with smart technology that provides for high-quality fuel by Hamburg company M+F Technologies. And the tanks? They're from Rietberg!

It's a warm summer’s day. A black convertible parks up front of Helling & Neuhaus. In the back: a large quantity of A2 tracing paper for various projects. The plans fill the overall meeting rooms of the grating branch. After a few discussions and negotiations, the Gütersloh visitor leaves again in his convertible. The result: two commissions, one of which is going to the Tiggelovend-Kok B.V. steel constructor in the Netherlands. The beginning of a long-term collaboration.

This staircase has a caliber of 3 m.
For the Stadium in Den Haag, staircases and railings have been custom-built.

“That was around 25 years ago”, remembers Holger Lachmann, the first point of contact at Helling & Neuhaus for the Dutch steel constructor. “I can still remember it because of that fantastic car.” Since then, numerous projects have connected the two companies: from stairs to balustrades to enclosures and support structures for industry, private buildings, power plants, slaughterhouses, automobile factories or even football stadiums – the list is long. 

Every customer desire is fulfilled
“The most exciting thing about the work is the enormous variety of projects”, says Patrick Teeuwsen, Managing Director of Tiggelovend-Kok. “One thing is always the same: We implement customer desires individually.” The advantage is the holistic accompaniment of a project, because the customer gets everything from one source, from the development in engineering to the structure, to the last screw on site.

“Helling & Neuhaus stands for quality and flexibility. We can always rely on them.” Patrick Teeuwsen, Managing Director of Tiggelovend-Kok. 

The results over past years show how well this has worked out. A highlight for both the steel constructor and Helling & Neuhaus can be found in The Hague. Around 15,000 spectators can be seated in the futuristic stadium of the King’s residential city. The eyecatcher here is its gleaming aluminium façade. A 3.60-metre high wall made from blind grating snakes almost around the whole stadium. On the one hand, the grating is a design element which is well incorporated into the architecture. On the other hand, it serves as visual protection: The slanted rods make it more difficult to see, yet they let enough light through.

3.60m is the height of the blind grating wall, which snakes almost around the whole stadium in The Hague. Helling & Neuhaus also produced steps for 48 stair towers for the structure – a monster of a project.

“The 48 stair towers, which each have at least 20 steps, was also a great project for us”, explains Lachmann proudly. “That was more than 1,000 steps which we produced individually.” Lachman looks back fondly on the extensive project, as he and a colleague were allowed to visit the stadium together with the Tiggelovend-Kok workers. “We don't always get the opportunity to evaluate the end product of our work.”

Teamwork between man and machine
Grating for stairs is everyday work for the experts, but it still remains interesting. In the end, it depends on where and how they are constructed and installed. Here, the two companies are already a well-coordinated team. During engineering stages at Tiggelovend-Kok, individual customer wishes are first drawn by specialists using 3D software. The Building Information Modelling (BIM) method is used here, which makes it possible to plan, execute and manage construction sites in an ideal fashion using software. “This makes testing easier and saves time. And time is money”, states Teeuwsen. 

Helling & Neuhaus then calculate the drawings and put them into the production process. Of course, modern machines and the buses of the steel constructor, which are specially equipped with high-quality devices and lifting materials, help with carrying out the project. Combined with the experience and material knowledge of the Tiggelovend-Kok colleagues, these allow for efficient work, even directly on site at the customer’s premises. 

“We produce grating which differs greatly in size, functionality and durability, galvanized or even powder-coated. On the basis of our extensive knowledge and the right equipment, we can act quickly and flexibly”, says Lachmann. A new supporting bar punching machine also optimises the process and expands the capacity thanks to new state-of-the-art controls. When eponym Leo Kok and his wife celebrated belonging to the company for 40 years, their colleagues from Helling & Neuhaus were also invited to join the celebrations. This speaks for the trusting, long-term cooperation between the two companies. And the next larger-scale project has already begun: As a supplier of Tiggelovend-Kok, we are able to work with them on the Rotterdam Electric Trans (RET) sustainability project.  “Helling & Neuhaus stand for quality and flexibility. We can always rely on them”, says Teeuwsen. We say: "Bedankt"!

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