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100 metres of pure enjoyment - Seppeler galvanized a spiral staircase so that guests to the Brno Aquapark Riviera can also access the giant slide via safe steps in many years to come. And it also got the police involved.

Slides, wild-water rivers, wellness packages - water parks are a real attraction for water lovers. Bathers also like to dive into the second biggest city in the Czech Republic, Brno. Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG and Wiegand.Mälzer GmbH from Rasdorf in Hesse ensure that their expectations are not just met, but exceeded. The innovative company merger, located in the town with 1,750 residents, is a market leader in the international leisure facilities area.

The developers of the Riviera project in Brno, a future water park of superlatives, also knew this. Here, 6,000 square metres of pure water area are simulating a river and meandering from the swimming area into the non-swimming area and to numerous attractions. The Hesse waterslide is an absolute highlight: 100 metres of stainless-steel slide winds in the form of an around 75-metre-long channel slide and a wave slide with 15.4 metres in length and 4.17 metres in width slickly into the river. "The installation material was adapted from the intended stainless-steel swimming pool", explains project manager Sirko Adler from Wiegand. "This creates a harmonious image."

Big is beautiful

A harmonious impression should also be created when sliding - and with the help of large modules made from thermoformed stainless steel, as these have fewer annoying welded seams to slow you down. "Stainless steel also allows us to be very flexible in terms of length, width and shape. This is where our strengths lie: We can shape everything completely individually according to what our customers want", says Adler.

However, the water lovers will first of all have to get to the start of the slide- and this is where Seppeler's work begins. An 11-metre-high and in diameter 2.45-metre-wide spiral staircase leads to a platform before the start of the slide. In contrast to the slide, the staircase consists of galvanized and coated steel. This is a good and affordable alternative to stainless steel, as the duplex process offers a high level of corrosion protection which is necessary when used in areas near water. However, the length and width of the stairs are not standard. "It was the first time in more than 3,000 projects that we have welded such a large element completely. We had to search for a good galvanizer who could handle such dimensions", explains Adler. A tip from an experienced colleague led Wiegand to our hot-dip galvanizing plant in Holdorf, 320 kilometres away.

Scoring points with top quality

"Thankfully, we have the widest bath in Germany with working dimensions of 12.60 metres in length, 3.30 metres in depth and 2.55 metres in width", says Dominik Schwarze, internal and field sales in Holdorf. "The staircase structure fitted inside perfectly. There was even a little bit room left, which increases the quality." It was not just the Hessian leisure facility builders that were excited, but also their Czech client. "We could score points with our customers by releasing images from the galvanizing process", reports Adler. "It has such a great effect when the steel part comes out of the galvanizing bath and shines in such a futuristic way." The galvanized staircase was very easy to coat thanks to its excellent quality. To shorten the assembly time, the staircase was pre-assembled with railings and handrails at Wiegand. According to Adler, this saved around a week and the working time on site was reduced to five days. The 700-kilometre journey from Rasdorf to Brno was really spectacular. Because of its size, the unit was transported in one piece at night via oversized transport - with a police escort. "It hit the scene like a bomb. The slide set a milestone in the Riviera project", concludes project manager Sirko Adler.

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