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Two birds with one stone

The employees of Feuerverzinkung Hannover can galvanize anything that is made of steel. Even half of the zoo of Matthias Mauritz.

Increasingly, the customers of our galvanization plants include steel artists, like Matthias Mauritz. Now working as a special educational-needs teacher, the trained metal worker spends all of his spare time bending, welding and screwing together steel struts in a way that they look like a bull – or a dragonfly but much bigger!

The size of the animal sculptures was the biggest challenge so far for the galvanization workers in Hannover. For instance, the elk was so big that it could only be treated in two parts. To be able to guarantee the quality of the galvanization, the elk's huge antler had to be removed and immersed into the molten zinc bath separately.

Mr Mauritz is especially happy about the fact that, due to the Zinklar passivation, he could kill two birds with one stone: Zinklar does not only prevent the formation of white rust on the sculptures but also ensures a long-standing glossy finish – an aesthetic effect added to the practical benefit, in which a series of artists has been interested.

Mr Mauritz has worked as metal artist since the early 90s; however, he only started to build 3D sculptures in 2009. Everything started with a 2-metre ant for his garden. Then the animals became bigger and bigger and most of them have been sold. Naturally, the largest animal produced so far has been the elephant. The time spent for building the animals varies. "It depends on how much spare time I invest. For the big ones, I need several months though."

The galvanization process of the animals is relatively quick. By the way, this process is not prone to thermal distortion. The expansion of the formation when being immersed into the 450 degree C molten zinc bath and the subsequent contraction when cooling down again are absorbed by the curves of the steel struts. However, something has indeed changed: After the galvanization, the animals are now permanently protected – and have a life expectancy which surpasses those of their living conspecifics by far.

Facts & Figures

1,3 x 1,2 Metres, 2016
Spider 0,5 x 1,1 Metres, 2016
Rhino 2 x 3,8 Metres, 2015
Elephant 4 x 1,5 Metres, 2015
Stag beetle 1 x 3 Metres, 2016
Elk 2,7 x 3,3 Metres, 2012

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