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What would you want a car park to be like? Spacious, open, friendly and bright – and permanently so. Does such a “utopian” car park exist?

Two are better than one. This is exactly the sentiment behind our proven duplex systems, which combines both hot dip galvanizing and an additional paint coating: While the coating protects the zinc from natural erosion, the hot dip galvanizing protects the paint coating from any rusting forming underneath. Rietbergwerke and Goldbeck are now breaking new ground together in a car park project.

Good things come in small packages
It was a "relatively small but special construction project," says Michael Pauleickhoff, Division General Manager at Rietbergwerke. The construction company Goldbeck wanted to expand its employee car park in Hirschberg near Mannheim with a modern extension and put a special focus on sustainability in this project. The energy is supplied by wind and solar power and the industrially prefabricated system components were manufactured in an extremely resource-saving manner.
And this is where we come in. To ensure that the project is not only environmentally friendly but also sustainable, we have provided for extremely durable corrosion protection: A total of 100 tonnes of steel components were hot dip galvanized – for a good half of these, the ceiling girders, an environmentally-friendly, single-component and low-solvent water-based paint was used for the first time in the duplex process. With Rietbergwerke's decades of experience and in cooperation with the paint manufacturer Geholit + Wiemer, a system was found that is perfectly adapted to Goldbeck's requirements and the conditions on site. "This significantly increases the corrosion protection once again," explains Pauleickhoff. "The process is durable, maintenance-free and 100 percent recyclable – and therefore very sustainable and economical."

1000 m2
were painted with an innovative water-based paint in a new duplex process. This corresponds to the size of almost four tennis courts.

Pioneer: The Goldbeck employee car park in Hirschberg was the first car park in Germany to receive the Gold-Zertifikat award from the German Sustainable Building Council at Expo Real.

Outstanding parking
The special white coating is not only innovative, it also gives the car park a bright, friendly atmosphere. Another advantage: the existing multi-storey car park could be re-coated with the same system, making the old and new look like one unit.
The pilot project was the first multi-storey car park in Germany to receive the Gold-Zertifikat award from the German Sustainable Building Council at the Expo Real Property Fair – which is exactly what makes a good project an outstanding one. Further construction projects with the successful combination of galvanizing and colour coating are to follow.


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