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Worldwide meat consumption is on the increase. This goes hand-in-hand with a need for innovative, economic and animal-welfare-conscious barn facilities. Just like that of Big Dutchman. For years, Seppeler has accompanied the world market leader from Vechta as a reliable partner - not just for galvanizing, but also along the whole value chain.

It is often used in advertising: the image of a small farm. Father and son are waving from the tractor while mother feeds the squawking hens and the daughter plays under the apple tree. These days, the farm day-to-day looks different in most cases. It's true, agriculture is a very old industry that is conscious of tradition, but is at the same time one of the most important future sectors worldwide.

In 2016, German farmers alone produced goods to the value of more than 50 billion euros, as the Federal Statistical Office and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture found out. In times of a growing world population and when resources are becoming more and more scarce, agriculture plays a pivotal role when it comes to concepts around a secure food supply. Farms have long since transformed into modern businesses, not just using the changes of digitisation, but also the top solutions from functional areas - such as Seppeler galvanizing, which can also be used in barn facilities.

The pigs are “fed automatically”. This means: the feed is mixed and pumped into the trough via tubes.
“Even for short-term galvanizing contracts, the Seppeler workers are quick and reliable – with consistently flawless results. We value this a great deal:at the end of the day, we also want to be aesthetically appealing.”

Big Dutchman is leading with pioneer spirit

Not many companies are active in the area of modern poultry and pig farming globally and setting themselves the most different challenges worldwide. However, Big Dutchman International GmbH from Vechta certainly is. As market leader for barn facilities and feeding systems, it offers solutions for small operations as well as large farm complexes in more than 100 countries. Big Dutchman is the expert in automation and is characterising itself more than ever through its pioneer spirit - around 250 experts in research and development are working to make sure that it stays that way. Big Dutchman innovations have significantly influenced the livestock industry again and again - above all when it comes to animal welfare, more environmental protection or a more sparing and effective production in terms of using fewer resources. The first computer-controlled liquid feeding system for pigs, trend-setting aviary management systems and overall concepts for barn and free-range farming of laying hens as well as intelligent exhaust air purification solutions to reduce odour, dust and ammonia emissions from barn systems are just a few examples of the power of innovation of the world's leading company.

Whether pig breeding or fattening, whether poultry meat or egg production: Big Dutchman now operates a giant network which, thanks to its global presence and local knowledge, combines a powerful wealth of experience. Big Dutchman operates its systems all over the world today via several subsidiary companies and many independent agencies. This concept guarantees that a reliable expert from Big Dutchman is always in the direct vicinity of the customer, and therefore able to come to their aid as a consultant or service technician at any time. Thanks to the tight-knit network of employees, Big Dutchman customers benefit from the competence and experience of the international organisation.

For each country, climate area and all operation sizes, the right concepts are ready. Of course, Big Dutchman customers can also order off the shelf - or else overall solutions which are directly tailored to individual demands. For example, this includes special productions as well as support in attaining building permissions.

"We have been a Big Dutchman customer for 10 years", says Christoph Kaup, pig farmer from Helmern, with 6,500 fattening pigs alone. He and his wife Katharina had their new barn completely fitted with Big Dutchman products. Above all, the liquid feeding system turned out to be a plus point, which supplies the pigs with the right feed at the right time and acts as an early warning system if an animal is not eating. "Even the service is great", says agricultural manager Katharina Kaup. "When something was programmed incorrectly in the new barn, two expert technicians came directly to re-install it. What more could you want?"
Seppeler supplies everything for Big Dutchman from one location: from the administration to transporting the white goods.

Market observation is extremely important

"The combination of product, advice and service is our recipe for success. And the basis of this is intensive market observation as well as the willingness to tackle the demands of customers worldwide and implement these in the barn", says Andreas Böske, Head of Marketing and Communication at Big Dutchman. In this way, even over 40 years ago, the company introduced innovative systems for barn and free-range farming of laying hens in Switzerland which would later be further developed successfully for use across all of Europe. This knowledge is helping Big Dutchman in America today.

As early as the 1970s, Big Dutchman was occupied with the ideal temperature in the poultry sheds in the Middle East. What happened was, the high external temperatures were controlled by the software-based use of ventilation control and air-conditioning, so that an even temperature could be achieved, the ideal temperature for the animals. "This knowledge was useful to us twenty years later in Russia, in particular. Because here, the summer months could be very hot, but in winter it would be icy cold." To put it simple: if you can do hot, you can also do cold - thanks to a sophisticated cooling, heating and ventilation system with the corresponding sensors and computer controls. As well as the software, however, the equipment is also crucial. In livestock barns, the atmosphere tends to be high in ammonia. This requires a robust, corrosion resistant barn. This is where the Seppeler location in Gütersloh, the hot-dip galvanizing plant Helling & Neuhaus, comes into play. To preserve components such as heating pipes from corrosion and to make them last longer, the steel parts are galvanized and thus fitted with a protective alloy layer. Depending on the stress, these can last for decades.

"And if it should get a little more rough in the pig sty and there's a tear in the silver-grey layer, the steel underneath is protected by the so-called cathodic protection, meaning protected by an electrochemically produced barrier", explains Michael Fröhleke from Sales at Helling & Neuhaus. "You can imagine it as if the zinc anode sitting on the damaged area 'sacrifices' itself and puts iron into the open area on the cathode. This is how the component remains protected."

Reworking the threads is carried out with great care.

Seppeler offers a comprehensive service

With fin pipes for heating systems or partition wall frames, Helling & Neuhaus does significantly more than just galvanizing. To deliver this assembly to the customer, ready to go, external threads and end caps are attached to protect the pipes. The location in Polish Kluczbork also finishes products for Big Dutchman and encloses them with rubber buffers, for example. "This is what marks Seppeler out, whether it's in Gütersloh, Holdorf or Kluczbork: We find consistently flexible solutions. It doesn't matter what capacities or bath sizes we need", says Konrad Becker from Big Dutchman strategic purchasing.

He can be the judge of that, after all, he has been working with our colleagues for more than 10 years - since the first contracts directed at Russia where the short distance from Kluczbork was helpful. However, the main contact is with our colleagues at Helling & Neuhaus. Here, systems and the links between both companies have developed more and more over the years. For example, orders are placed in such a way that the daily inventory management at Gütersloh can be cross-checked electronically by the customer. Even the packaging requirements were developed together. The result of this is a significant time saving during processing. In this way, Seppeler does not just deliver high-quality galvanized white goods for use worldwide, but also makes processes possible which are efficient and cost-saving - and not just for pig barns any more.

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