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How can a nature reserve offer more room for relaxation? The answer can be found in De Onlanden in the Netherlands: with a tower. There, visitors can enjoy the fantastic view and the solid footing – thanks to the work of hot dip galvanizing plant Feuerverzinkung Bremen.

Not far from Groningen, a city in the Netherlands, you can find the fascinating nature reserve De Onlanden. Here, small streams join together before they flow to the mudflats. Water birds rest here, and even otters have made it their home. This is not just a boon for the flora and fauna of this region, but also a valuable water reservoir. During floods, great volumes of water can gather here, which means that the residents of Groningen don’t get wet feet.

The residents of the Groningen region became active – and especially creative – in order to let nature run its course and yet allow people seeking relaxation to participate. They started the fund-raising project “Uitkijktoren Onlanden” (“Onlanden viewing tower”). And this brought in enough donations to be able to make their tower dream a reality. When you arrive in the nature reserve car park now, after an adventure path of about 300 metres in distance, you will reach the 26-metre structure. 

In flowing movements, it snakes up from the ground and merges harmoniously into the landscape. The special feature: Walking up the 127 steps of the winding staircase, you reach three different viewing levels. From the lowest platform, you can see herbs and bushes, a little higher and the trees become the environment, and right at the very top, there is the relaxation platform. This rewards every climber with a spectacular view of the endless distance and the Groningen skyline. 

The tower is comprised of a robust galvanized steel structure, which means that the visitors can appreciate this fantastic view for even longer and are guaranteed a sure footing on each platform. 

It forms a vertical structure which is covered from the outside by spaced wooden slats. In this way, the wood, sourced from a local forest area, gives the tower a playful, fluid form.  

Hot dip galvanizing plant Feuerverzinkung Bremen were responsible for creating the stable steel structure with a comprehensive care-free package. First, their touring service picked up the structural elements, which were produced by the company Van der Kamp Constructie BV in Doezum. Once they arrived in Bremen, the 6.80-metre up to 17-metre-long steel parts were pre-treated.
The 450 degrees Celsius zinc bath forms an iron-zinc layer. This ensures optimal protection, particularly in wetland areas. Depending on the thickness of the layer, components which have been galvanized in this way can last without maintenance for up to 100 years. Finally, the steel parts make the journey back via the touring service – around 200 kilometres from Bremen to De Onlanden. There, they are now supporting the many tower visitors. And this is how it sounds at the top: “Wat een uitzicht! What a view!“

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