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Once there was a start-up in a small Berlin flat that wanted to revolutionise German shopping habits... to a greater or lesser extent, this is how the success story of Zalando, Europe's leading online platform for fashion, begins. And what does this have to do with Seppeler? Do they have freshly galvanized chain mail in their range? No way! The story continues differently, of course.

The atrium is the centrepiece of the Zalando campus. The bright and warm atmosphere in the building is created by the massive glass roof, among other things. This is where the Seppeler galvanized steel frames were installed.


It's absolutely clear that today, Zalando, ten years after it was founded, is no longer domiciled in the aforementioned Berlin flat. It would have burst at all seams if the company offices had not grown with the business. And because it's now a size XXL, the mail-order company is celebrating its anniversary in 2018 with a new, custom-built home in Berlin's Friedrichshain district: the Zalando campus.

A glass roof for the atrium

The centrepiece of the building is the atrium, which stretches up through all seven floors. Daylight enters through a large glass roof. This is where Seppeler comes in: The steel construction upon which the glass sits, comes from one of our long-term partners, ACTech Metall- und Blechtechnik GmbH from Salzbergen.

 The commission manufacturing company supplies steel components worldwide and has already been working together with the glass roof manufacturer of the Zalando project for many years. They provided the rough specifications - such as the insulation value and thickness of the glass elements. AC-Tech calculated the actual size and structural design of the welding fixtures to produce the steel elements and then welded them together. Here, tolerances when dealing with the rest of the steel construction of the building also had to be taken into account. The result: building components in large - and they need to be galvanized. Because galvanization is the best corrosion protection for such a roof which is intended to have a long life. The whole structure must be sufficiently stable to be able to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

A logistical challenge: you require overwidth permission to transport XXL parts.

Seppeler goes plus-size

Our colleagues in the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Osnabrück know best when it comes to large, bulky components. "The challenge begins with the transportation", explains Pascal Monkenbusch, Head of Sales at the Osnabrück plant. "We need overwidth permission to transport components of this size." And the touring goods vehicle from Osnabrück has one. Of course, the galvanizing bath must also have the right dimensions. The one in Osnabrück is one of the deepest in Germany. For Andreas Book, Managing Director of AC-Tech, this was also the key issue for the recent cooperation. "When we're dealing with such dimensions, there's no better partner for us", he says. The galvanizing quality increases because the AC-Tech steel parts still even had some room in the bath. "And that also increases customer satisfaction", Book adds and laughs. "We have already been working well together with the Osnabrück hot-dip galvanizing plant for a long time." Once galvanized, the future bearers of the Zalando glass roof in Salzbergen were expanded as a heat compound element ready for installation. This means: the individual elements were insulated and prepared in such a way that they only had to be installed on site - like a construction kit.

Delivery on the desired date

Perhaps not quite as quickly as an online order from Zalando, but just in time - not too early and not too late - the parts finally arrived in Berlin-Friedrichshain. This punctuality is incredibly important because there is rarely enough room on building sites in the centre of town to move XXL steel supports around. And because in this case, large also means heavy, a special crane was also needed to lift the components up to the roof to be installed. The new Zalando campus is expected to be finished at the end of 2018 - with a large glass roof that brings a bright, warm atmosphere into the atrium. Whether inside or out: we've got our fingers crossed for lots of sunshine!

The campus is growing and growing: 2016 was the ground-breaking ceremony, at the start of 2018, the roofing ceremony.

Facts & Figures

Over 23 million customers, over 15,000 employees, 15 markets worldwide in 2017-

The 8 steel components from AC-Tech are approx. 8 metres long, 3 metres wide and 1 metre high.

The bath of the Osnabrück hot-dip galvanizing plant is 3.50 metres deep, 8.60 metres long and 1.75 metres wide. Components of up to 4 tonnes can also be galvanized there.

AC-Tech and the Osnabrück hot-dip galvanizing plant have carried out 14 projects together in 8 years.

The finished glass roof is 100 square metres large and weighs over 8 tonnes. The individual AC-Tech components each weigh 1 ton.

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