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Hot dip galvanizing – more than just rust protection. In Seppeler's hot dip galvanizing, the focus is on optimal corrosion protection. Your product is thus protected for the long term. Especially fast thanks to quick-time galvanization. Particularly comprehensive with additional work such as sandblasting and Zinklar surface refinement. Particularly individualised thanks to various boiler working dimensions for long, wide or deep products. Hot dip galvanizing completely according to requirements and application.

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Zinc Bath Working Dimensions

  • Thanks to the Seppeler Group's alliance, each company offers an individualized range of services that is tailored to requirements. Hot dip galvanizing from 6mm screws to 23m long* or 5m* high steel structures (item weight: up to 10 tonnes) possible.
  • Further information about our exact zinc bath working dimensions of our regional locations can be found here.

* In a double-dipping process

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