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Additional Work

Hot dip galvanizing with added value. Hot dip galvanizing is not everything. Therefore, we ensure optimal results with preparatory work and post-work. Of course, at Seppeler, trained specialists carry out the work in a professional manner. The technology, too, is constantly state-of-the-art. Thus, as a certified company, we can offer you the greatest reliability in all professional additional work. All from one source.

Additional work before and after hot dip galvanizing

  • Sandblasting: For cleaning rust and scale off the steel surfaces. Ideal for preparation prior to galvanizing or coating.
  • Processing: The reworking of holes and threads and the installation of complete assemblies. Sandblasting work for thorough removal of superfluous zinc residues and to prepare for powder or wet coating later on.
  • Passivation with Zinklar: Immersion procedure to prevent white rust, water stains and similar problems for a shiny, preserved surface. For components of up to 23 x 4.8 m (L x H). A subsequent coating is also possible.
  • Issue of quality certificates: We supply test and quality certificates on request. In addition, the Seppeler Group fulfils all the requirements of the DASt 022 directive and ensures the highest level of process reliability thanks to IT-based production data acquisition management. For complete documentation of all order-based process flows.