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Realising visions. The motto "Seppeler – we make it work" stands for the comprehensive standards of the Seppeler Group: it promises customers the optimal execution of their order and the quality. It determines the day-to-day actions of the staff and promises all employees safe working conditions and the opportunity for personal development. At the same time, it demonstrates the great importance that the management places on long-term, sustainable alignment of the family-run company.

Kai Seppeler

Chairman of the supervisory board, majority shareholder

„What makes up the Seppeler Group? Our network of experts! The success of the Group is based on the commitment and responsibility of each individual member of staff. Our common objective is to achieve optimal results through close dialogue with the customer.“

Nina Seppeler

Executive Director

„We invest in our future: In people, know-how and plant technology. In Poland, the Seppeler Group is now one of the leading galvanizing groups with four locations. The dimensions of the exceptionally long and wide kettles offer customers almost limitless possibilities to protect their components permanently against corrosion.“

Stefan Neese

Executive Director

„We ensure smooth processes with our Integrated Management System. We thus plan, manage and monitor areas such as quality, the environment, energy and occupational health and safety with the highest level of care. So that in future, too, we can say: Seppeler – we make it work.“

Thomas Weise

Executive Director

„We meet our customers at eye level and we react flexibly to their needs. Individual solutions and steady development in all areas are a fixed component of Seppeler's customer-focused corporate alignment.“
Interview with Thomas Weise: "Vom Rheinland nach Rietberg"