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It's red, it's robust, it's for the biggest German football club: thanks to Helling & Neuhaus, the players are getting solid and hot-dip galvanized support at Säbener Straße, as well as in the junior development centre on Ingolstädter Straße - in the form of a new railing unit on the training hill.

Säbener Straße. Even the name is enough - the fans' body temperature increases, their hearts beat faster and their eyes twinkle in red and white. The company HPK Metallbau Heiko Prause from Bad Salzuflen, together with our colleagues at Helling & Neuhaus Feuerverzinkung ensured that the players don't lose grip during training.

The German record-holder used the summer break last year to start on the extensive reconstruction of the site. The athletics area, the existing buildings, the multi-purpose hall and the youth centre are all affected by this. And in the training area, just like in the junior development centre on Ingolstädter Straße, there is a new, approx. 120-metre-long railing construction. This was produced by metalworker Heiko Prause, who has been a customer of Helling & Neuhaus for more than ten years. "We hot-dip galvanized the structure and gave it a pure red powder coating", reports Alexander Köster from the Helling & Neuhaus sales department. The structure was treated using the duplex method. This means: galvanizing and painting were combined. This ensures optimal corrosion protection and gives the railing a high-quality, aesthetic appearance. "We also finished the railing, meaning we smoothed out the surface. This makes the surface evenly smooth and creates a better adhesive surface for the powder coating", says Köster. On the subject of smooth: as we already mentioned, the railing unit is installed in the training area. It allows the players to brace themselves and train on them - so that everything continues to run smoothly for the club.

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